Monday, March 30, 2009

Culligan Valve Replacement Question

QUESTION: I got a Culligan Medallist Series water softener and i want to get away from culligan. What valve would replace the one I got.
* Sorry, none ( directly ).
All true Culligan Valves and Tanks have threads that are Proprietary.
Nothing else will fit on the tank. They designed everything about their systems to be proprietary ( thus requiring all parts and service to come through only their authorized Culligan Dealers ).
You can buy a new Valve ( The Fleck 5600 is our recommendation ).
5600 12 day softener control
AND a new Tank ( common one cu.ft. size would require a 9 x 48 tank ).
And then dump the resins into the new tank, and then screw the new valve onto the new tank.
The brine tank can be re-used ( only requiring purchase of 3/8" brine tubing and an adapter
Elbow, 1/4 f x 3/8 c Fitting Plastic Jaco - our PN 584564NO .
For additional help guides on Valve Replacement and Resin Replacement ( or re-use ), please refer to our Website ( and the "Do It Yourself Repairs" section ).
QUESTION: Does the resin tank come with the tube that goes into it?
* Valve comes with new Bottom Distributor to make a new center distributor pipe,
and how do you know what valve fits what tank?
* All Fleck and Autotrol Valves fit "standard" tanks ( which all tanks are standard unless you own a Culligan, Ecowater, or Sears type water softener ).
and for more about Resin replacing and Sizes of Tanks, and Quantity of Resins,

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