Friday, March 7, 2008

Performa Valves Keep Breaking 440i Timers - Solution is...

* Problem:
We have dual tanks for well water with 268/440i controllers. One is for an iron filter, the other a brine tank. We are running into a situation where timers have been destroyed because the camshaft is too hard to turn when they go to a refill cycle. (It took a while, and a couple of timers, to figure this out.) We relieved the pressure on each tank, checked the flappers, and couldn't see a problem. They moved very easily while the pressure was down. Once we got the system up to pressure, though, you really have to shove the refill valves hard to get them to move. (First it was the iron filter, and now the softener valve has the same problem.) Have you ever heard of this?
* YES!!
I would think that I need to replace the flapper valves and timers, but is there something else we should look at?
* Not Flapper Valves, but the Timer and Camshaft.
We checked for obstructions, and I don't think that's the issue.
* The issue is the Timer and Camshaft.
Autotrol has Revised the Timers ( effective January 2008 ) and they have Revised the Camshafts to help prevent this very common problem ( note: it helps, but you still have gears breaking, just not as quickly ).
and here are the new camshafts.
Iron Filter,
and here is the "notice" about them.
Subject: Re: Autotrol Performa 263/440i
Would like to talk to someone about our unit which froze and stripped the cam gear. I ordered a replacement from you last Oct. but the problem seems not to be solved. Seems the cam is very difficult to turn. Wonder if the 460i would be any better?
*** Problem is the Performa Valve is too big for the 400 series timers ( 440i or 460i would have same problems ). The Revised Camshaft helps relief some of the pressure, but the Timer will always be the "weak leak".
There is a Revised Camshaft ( gray ) for the 263 ( backwash only ) version of the Performa valve which may help reduced gear damage ( but not eliminate it ).
and an UPGRADE is Available, SEE:
This is the best way to solve the problem of gears breaking, as the 740 Logix Timer only uses one larger drive gear and motor. For more about our 440i warranty policy, SEE:

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